Multifunction of Disinfectant Nano Sprayer

Wholesale nano mist sprayer not only cleans environment, but also plays such roles as a humidifier, a water can and a aroma diffuser. It protects every corner from bacteria and manages comfortable areas. 

The sprayer is light and portable. It embraces automatic increasing pressure instead of manual operation. Its hight is its nano-level atomization output. The mist is finer and more uniform. The covering area is larger. What’s more, the disinfectant in the covering area is more durable. Indoor disinfection and sterilization can be roughly divided into two categories: item disinfection and air disinfection.


Handheld Rechargeable Fogger Machine
Handheld Rechargeable Fogger Machine


Ventilation is an important measure to remove indoor air pollutants. It not also improves indoor environment, but also lifts air quality. In the case of good outdoor air quality, the easiest and most common disinfection and sterilization method for households is to open windows for ventilation. Natural ventilation is related to the degree of opening and closing of doors and windows. Open doors and windows have a significant impact on ventilation, depending on the opening and closing amplitude, frequency and time, as well as wind speed and outdoor temperature difference. Now some friends have installed fresh air systems at home to filter and ventilate indoor air.


Aerosol spray disinfection

Aerosol spray disinfection method is another suspension system composed of solid particles or droplets dispersed in a gas. The principle of the aerosol spray method is to use equipment or chemical aerosols to form aerosols with purifying or disinfecting agents in the air. It still relies on the aerosols suspended in the air to purify or disinfect the air. The agents for air disinfection by the spray method in the home are: peracetic acid, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. During the spray disinfection process, all non-operators should leave the site, and operators should take personal protection.



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