What Are the Differences Between UV Light Disinfector and Nano Sprayer?

Air sterilizer and disinfectant sprayer have similarities & differences. They also contain similarities. They keep pathogens & germs away, creating clean environment. Many friends noticed that I released several posts on them. What are the differences between them? Can they substitute each other? Let’s compare them in 4 aspects.

Fogger & Sterilizer
Fogger & Sterilizer
Indoor Air Quality

I believe that many people feel that when they are at home, they occasionally feel uncomfortable in the air. If they open the windows to ventilate, they want to change the indoor air quality. Or the elderly and children at home are prone to get sick when the seasons change. Even some people in the family often get sick. Then the elderly and the children will be followed by sickness. Many people attribute this to the poor immunity of children and the elderly, so they get sick. Have you ever thought that maybe it is not the poor immunity of the elderly and children, but because there are bacteria and viruses in the room, so the elderly and children frequently sick or infected.

In addition to home furnishing disinfection, there is also indoor air sterilization, because many bacteria are disease-causing without attachments. Both sterilizer and fogger is able to achieve the goal of disinfection. 


Let’s make a comparison between atomizer and sterilizer as follows.

1. Size. The sterilizer is bigger than the atomizer.

2. Flexibility. The sterilizer is fixed on the wall, while the fogger is portable.  

3. Use. The sterilizer is specialized in removing bacteria and virus up to 99.99% by UV-C light. The fogger is more like a cleaner, humidifier and water can.

4. Price. The fogger is cheaper then the sterilizer.

In conclusion, the disinfector and the sprayer both contain different strengths. They are helpful to shape better life,instead of subsituting each other.


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