How to live my 30s

Wearable personal air purifiers is portable and convenient for me to go anywhere. 30s is a divide of my life. I should be mature and prudent in my 30s, unlike my 20s when I was naive and impulsive. Time rolls on instead of going back. What I have to do is to set up my goals to enrich my 30s.

Deep thinking should be the top priority in the particular stage. Different ages represent different characteristic. I should make progress following different ages. If I’m still naive and simple in my 30s like my 20s, am I wasting my time like an idiot? I don’t mean it is not good to be naive and simple. The world is complex. When I realize it, I become prudent to protect goodness and kindness. Deep thinking favors me to discover the essence of anything. Efforts are vital for success, while it is on the premise of deep thinking. Unhelpful efforts is worse than laziness. Socrates expressed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Actions speak louder than words. Procrastination always finds its way into my life with multiple excuses.

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I feel regretful when I procrastinate what should be done today to tomorrow. So progress is nearly zero to me. My 30s will be involved in aged parents and younger kids, which will be heavy burden and responsibility in next few years. What’s worse, I will lose competition in current comfort zone. Wealth will be in shortage. Hence, I must be determined to break procrastination and take efficient actions.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Wearable personal air purifier is a good friend to me. Friends are precious social network, especially saviors on the premise that I’m outstanding and reliable. Birds of same feather flock together. Friendship is more valuable that gets through setbacks from 20s to 30s. Both friends and I become more mature along the way of growth in our 30s. My world is small and limited. When I desire to broad my vision, saviors are able to bring me into their social network. I can acquire useful important information and resources to promote my career. In such case, I should be sincere and grateful to those friends. The help among adults in 30s not only lies in the exchange of benefit, but also in kindness and happiness.

There is a saying that reading paves the way for practice, which is helpful to make treasured friends and deep thinking. A road of a thousand miles begins with one step.They are motto for me to live my better 30s.

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