Healthy Tips against Smog

Wearable air purifier necklace is portable and convenient to stay with you. It relieves smog surrounding you and keep you get more fresh air. Large vehicles using diesel are a “serious crime” of emitting PM10. While small vehicles using gasoline emit gaseous pollutants. However, in foggy weather, they can easily be converted into secondary particulate pollutants and aggravate smog.


4 healthy tips against smog

Firstly, please wash your face frequently. Then you can clear your mouth and nose because they also stay outdoors for a long time. You have to make sure to wash your face and exposed skin in time after returning home. In this way, you clean your mouth and rinse your mouth. To clean the nasal cavity, you can use a cotton swab dipped in tap water or saline.

Air Cleaner Ionizer Purifier
Air Cleaner Ionizer Purifier

Secondly, you have to wear a mask outdoors. Actually you should not stay outdoors for a long time. According to experts, even a disposable medical mask cannot block PM2.5 particles. Medical masks are more effective in preventing diseases. To deal with PM2.5, it is better to buy medical N95 masks or higher-grade masks. However, the emission of automobile exhaust in cities is large. Many particles in the air are oily. It will also reduce the actual protective effect of masks.

Thirdly, you have to eat a light diet and drink plenty of water. In foggy weather, you should choose foods that are light and easy to digest and rich in vitamins. Drinking more water and eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can supplement various vitamins and inorganic salts. It can also moisten the lungs and remove dryness, expel phlegm. What’s more, it even relieves cough and strengthen the spleen and kidney. Hence, it is better to eat less irritating food and more pears, loquats, oranges, tangerines as well as other fruits. They can clear the lungs and resolve phlegm!

Lastly, you have to keep appropriate amount of vitamin D supplementation. In foggy days, there is less sunlight, insufficient ultraviolet radiation and production of vitamin D in the human body.  The absorption of calcium is greatly reduced. If necessary, some vitamin D can be supplemented, such as eating more fatty fish and roe, animal liver, egg yolk, cream and cheese.


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