Tips to Remove Formaldehyde

Wearable air filtration combats against formaldehyde. We all know the harm of formaldehyde. Namely, it leads to leukemia, respiratory diseases and other diseases. How to eliminate formaldehyde is a concern to most families. In this case, everyone has their own methods. Then I sort out some common methods for your reference.

Wearable air filtration

Formaldehyde is actually a poisonous gas in the air. The use of wearable air filtration to adsorb suspended solids in the air and replace fresh air. Especially the production of filtration and negative air ion purifiers has a remarkable effect. While Negative ions themselves have diffusivity. Negative ions replace carbon and hydrogen in formaldehyde, benzene and other substances with their own oxygen molecules. So they are decomposed into non-toxic and tasteless carbon dioxide and water. It is beneficial to health.


Personal Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier
Personal Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier

The use of plants can also eliminate formaldehyde. Plants are a natural formaldehyde removal tool. You can put spider plants, green radishes or cacti indoors to help eliminate formaldehyde. The disadvantage is that plants can only play a minor role. Once the plants are full of dust and formaldehyde, they will have no effect.

Opening windows for ventilation

Opening windows is conducive to ensure the circulation of indoor air, replacing indoor polluted air to the outside. It is similar to air purifiers. It saves money, helpful to environmental protection. But it is not available in rainy days, winters and foggy days.


Many families have their own removal methods towards formaldehyde. The grapefruit peel can prevent insects and deodorize. At the same time, there is still merit in the removal of formaldehyde from grapefruit peel.


Photocatalyst is an excellent catalyst for formaldehyde removal. It decomposes formaldehyde and other harmful organic substances into harmless gases under light. So it achieves the purpose of formaldehyde removal. Photocatalyst also has the function of curing floors and leather. But the catalyst must react in the presence of light.



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