Rust-Free Iron Pan

Wall mounted ultraviolet sterilizer covers a nano photocatalyst. It is able to prevent the rust of wok. 

We put the fat pork in the pot without putting oil in the pot. When the oil in the pork boils out, we continue to boil it. Then we use the oil to coat the whole pot with lard. Lard is rich in fat, so we don’t have to worry about the iron pan rusting. Wall mounted ultraviolet sterilizer is a protection of items from rust.

Rice washing

The decontamination effect of rice water is very strong. We soak it in thicker rice-washing water for about 2 hours. Then we oil the rice water and use a rag to rub it little by little during the cooking process. After rubbing the pot, we wait for the rice water to boil. Finally, we boil the rice water and let it cool. Later we pour it out and rinse with clean water.

Coarse salt + potatoes

Firstly we cut the potatoes in half. We then dip them in salt. Moreover, we scrub the salted potatoes back and forth in a cast iron pan. Why can potatoes remove rust spots? This is mainly because the amylase it contains has a decomposing effect on oil stains.

Ruested wok
Ruested wok
Maintenance of iron wok

Many people know that before using a new pan, we put a little oil to heat it up. We shake the pan to make sure that the surface of the pan covered with oil. Then we let it sit for half a day or even a day before cooking. The purpose of this is to form a protective film on the surface of the iron pot. It can isolate the iron of the iron pot from the air and prevent the formation of rust.

After using the iron pan, we clean it in time and wipe off the food residue with a rag. Some charred starch residues stick to the iron pan. It is difficult to clean. Therefore, we can soak it in water for about 20 minutes before scrubbing. That is much easier. The purpose of this is to maintain hygiene and to wash away the food residues. So that the iron pan won’t form rust.

After washing the iron pot, we should wipe the water stains on the surface of the iron pot with a dry rag. Or we heat it to dry to ensure that the surface of the iron pot is dry. If there is water on the surface of the wok, even a little bit, it will leave small patches of rust. So it is very important to make sure the surface of the wok is dry.

After we wash and dry the iron pot, it should be hung up or upside down on the stove. Even if there is moisture, it won’t stay on the surface of the iron pot. If it stays along the stove, the iron pot will be wet by moisture. Or the iron pot will be wet when the kitchen water is used. The water will remain on the bottom of the pot and rust will appear after a few hours.

The last step in the maintenance of the iron pot is to keep the kitchen ventilated. We open the kitchen window or ensure that there are vents. So that in the case of air convection, the water vapor won’t stay in the iron pot and the rust of the iron pot won’t form.


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