Saying Goodbye to Dust(1)

Wall-mounted sterilizer is the enemy of dust. Living on the side of the road, what is the biggest worry? One is noise and the other is dust. Before we discussed “what to do if the house is close to the road noise”, today we will take a look at the problem of dust – what should I do if the roadside is too dusty?

The dust on the side of the road is not only a heavy burden of housework, but more importantly, it will endanger human health: road dust is not only dust particles, but also contains a large number of toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metal particles in automobile exhaust, which seriously threatens us. of physical health.

What should I do if there is too much dust on the roadside at home? You can try the following dustproof measures.

Wall Mounted UV Light
Wall Mounted UV Light
Less opening doors and windows

It is an important rule for a healthy home with more ventilation. If you live near the road and often open the windows and doors, a large amount of dust outside will inevitably float into your home and pollute the indoor air. So you should open less doors and windows. In order to ensure indoor air circulation, you can choose to open the windows occasionally for ventilation when there is not much traffic on the road.


Make sure the windows are airtight

Deteriorated window seals can also cause a lot of dust to enter the room. You may stick glass seals around the window glass to prevent dust from entering the house through the gaps.


Install dust-proof screens

The mesh number of the dust-proof screen is higher than that of the general screen, so the dust-proof effect will be stronger. It preventS catkins, hair and some large particles of dust. But correspondingly, the air permeability and light transmittance of dust screen windows are not as good as conventional screen windows. There is no way to isolate dust screen windows with smaller dust particles in the air.


Grow green plants

You can grow more green leafy plants at home, especially on the windowsill, to help prevent dust and reduce pollution to a certain extent.


Use thicker curtains

Curtains are by the window absorbs some of the dust coming in from the road outside the window at the first time. The thicker curtains tend to have better vacuuming effects. We must clean the curtains regularly, otherwise it will become a major source of pollution.

We have shared the dust prevention methods above, and you can try them according to your own needs. Wall-mounted sterilizer is also your good choice.


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