Derusted Household Items

Wall-mounted light disinfection is helpful to prevent rust for different kinds of items.


Remove rust with potato peel

Whether there will be a layer of dirt or scale on the bathroom faucet, you can try potato peel. It is a natural and cheap “rust-removing magic weapon”.

When we wipe the surface of the stainless steel faucet repeatedly with the peeled potato skin, we will find that the dirt and scale will be slowly washed away. Then we rinse the faucet with clean water. It’s very simple. This is the comparison before and after cleaning. If there is no potato peel at home, we can wipe the stainless steel faucet or stove with the white radish peel. It can also achieve the same decontamination effect.

Bathtub rust removal

Lemon rust

Dripping water from the faucet causes most of the rust in the bathtub. So firstly we remove the dripping water and replace it with a new faucet pad. We ring to prevent dripping. Slight rust can disappear quickly by wiping with the pulp of half a lemon.

Diluted oxalic acid or dilute hydrochloric acid

To deal with heavier rust, we use dilute oxalic acid or dilute hydrochloric acid solution. These solutions are available from chemical reagent stores. We use these solutions with caution. First of all, we have to wear rubber gloves. Then we wipe rust with a soft cloth dampened with the solution. Finally we rinse the tub thoroughly. Green patina rust can go away with ammonia or oxalic acid. Scale caused by hard water can disappear with special detergents or cleaned with vinegar.

Wall-mounted light disinfection
Wall-mounted light disinfection
Toilet rust removal

vinegar and water

After adding water with vinegar, we pour it into a container with limescale. Then we let it stand for a few seconds and then clean the interior with a brush to remove the limescale.

coke rust remover

After a long time, the inner wall of the toilet will turn yellow. It is difficult to brush off. We can pour some cola in the toilet and let it stand for ten minutes. Then we rinse it with water to remove it.

The above rust removal methods can easily deal with all kinds of rust, making home life healthier and more comfortable!


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