Photocatalyst Functions (2)

Is nano-titanium dioxide, the main
component ofphotocatalyst, harmful to people?

Wall mountable ultraviolet air sterilizer contains nano catalyst. Harmful experiments with titanium dioxide were clear. The US FDA Food Inspection Center has determined that titanium dioxide is harmless to the human body. It has been widely available in food, daily necessities, cosmetics, medicine, aquaculture and other fields all over the world. In Japan, it is also designated as one of the food additives by the laws of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It ensures human health to the greatest extent. Like most chewing gums, titanium dioxide is also added. And it is conceivable that it is not harmful to the human body.


The advantages of photocatalyst

(1) Comprehensiveness: Nano-scale photocatalyst uses the principle of photocatalysis to effectively oxidize and decompose bacteria and viruses in the air. It destroys bacterial cell membranes and viral proteins. Then it decomposes toxins released by bacteria.

(2) Safety: Sodium ions controls photocatalyst . It is harmless to the human body,  certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Japan approved it for use as a food additive. Through years of in-depth research and development, it has been widely popular in many fields at present, .

(3) Sustainability: The photocatalyst is a catalyst, which is a catalyst reaction on the surface of the photocatalyst material. The photocatalyst material itself will not change and wear out. It will continuously purify the pollutants under the irradiation of light for a long time. The photocatalyst removes pollutants such as formaldehyde continuously.


Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Disadvantages of photocatalysts

(1) If ordinary photocatalysts are called “photocatalysts“, they have effective light, preferably under ultraviolet light. At present, some better products can also function under the ultraviolet part of visible light. But they still need light. Therefore, photocatalyst products are mainly available for wall construction. While they have no obvious effect on furniture cabinets and drawers.

However, the nano-scale photocatalyst product of Ice Worm contains nano-silver particles. It can effectively catalyze harmful substances even in low light conditions. That is a good way to make up for the shortcoming and effectively control furniture cabinets, drawers and other places with insufficient light. .

(2) The effect of spraying photocatalyst products in the form of high-pressure atomization is the best. Therefore professionals need to use professional treatment equipment for construction. It is difficult for individual manual spraying to achieve a better overall treatment effect.

(3) High-quality photocatalyst products are expensive. We get what we pay. Wall mountable ultraviolet air sterilizer deserves your payment.


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