Saying Goodbye to Dust(2)

Wall mountable air sterilizer helps you to create a clean house. The house is close to the road. If the windows are opened, the floor, the table and the bed  are dusty all day. Therefore, the daily cleaning and dust removal work is not a small burden. Even if the window is closed, there will still be dust. Because micro-particle pollutants with small diameters such as PM2.5 can still enter the home through the gaps in the doors and windows.


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Set the Entrance

Set up a porch at the entrance and use a blanket to prevent the dust outside the door from directly entering the room, which has a certain dust-proof effect. In addition, frequent watering and cleaning in the corridor is also an effective method to reduce dust in the corridor and prevent dust from entering the room. Mop the floor more and clean the house more.


Turn off Electrical Appliances

When the appliance is not in use, unplug the power plug and minimize standby time. Firstly, the standby of electrical appliances brings unnecessary power consumption. Secondly, those appliances generate a large amount of static electricity to attract dust.

Maintain indoor humidity

Dry air causes more dust to arise and floate, so we have to keep indoor air humid.


Use an Wall Mountable Air Sterilizer

Wall mountable air sterilizer can purify indoor air repeatedly, effectively filter pollutants such as PM2.5, and reduce indoor dust. The disadvantage is that it will become stuffy after using it for a long time, because there is no way to ventilate it.


Install Fresh Air System

The fresh air system is a kind of ventilation and purification equipment. It sends the filtered and clean external fresh air into the room without opening the window. It still squeezes out the original dirty air in the room, while promoting the indoor air circulation. At length, it can effectively improve indoor air quality and enhance the quality of life in our homes.

We offer dust prevention methods for your reference. You can try them according to your own needs.


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