Rust-Free Knife

Wall-mountable air disinfector is able to prevent rust effectively for household items. The kitchen and the bathroom are two important areas of home life. These two spaces are not only active, but also have a lot of water vapor and heavy humidity. Therefore, both the kitchen and the bathroom are prone to rust.

Rust not only affects the appearance, but also affects the health. For example, the rusted iron pot will form iron oxide. If you eat food in a rusted iron pot, it will cause harm to the liver. Therefore, household rust removal is not a trivial matter. Next, let’s take a look at the quick and easy methods for household rust removal.

rusted knife
rusted knife
Rust removal of Kitchen knife

Use rice-washing water: We soak the rusted kitchen knife in rice-washing water for an hour. Then we take it out and wipe it with a rag. If the rust is not completely removed, we continue to soak until it is completely removed.

Use shallots: We rub the sliced shallots directly on the rust of the kitchen knife. We also use a lot of force to wipe off the rust.

Use potato or radish slices: We cut potato slices or radish slices. Then stick some fine sand and water. Finally werub directly on the rust to remove the rust.

Use cork and decontamination powder: We sprinkle some decontamination powder on the kitchen knife. Then we wet the corkand wipe it back and forth on the kitchen knife with the cork. The rust can be wiped offand the effect is very good. We use corks with wine bottle caps or thermos caps.

Scrub with tomatoes: We scrub the rusted areas with cut tomatoes or 100% tomato juice to quickly remove rust.

There is nano photocatalyst in the wall-mountable air disinfector. It prevents rust under UV-C light.


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