Car Air Purifier Refresher Portable
Car Air Purifier Refresher Portable

Vehicular air purifier

Q1: How does the ion car air cleaner  for cars work?

A1: On one hand, it makes the air flow via ventilator. HEPA can filter dust, PM 2.5 particle, bacteria and smoke, etc. Negative ion generator let dust, bacteria and smoke decline to achieve clean environment.

Q2: What is HEPA?

A2: HEPA is short for high efficient particulate air filter. It can filter dust, PM 2.5 particle, bacteria and smoke, etc.

Q3: How long is the shelf life of HEPA?

A3: It can last up to 6 months. There are 3 layers in HEPA. We have to change it when the filter net turns to black.

Q4: How is the vehicular air purifier charged?

A4: The purifier has a general standard USB Type-C. It can be charged by different devices via USB Type-C. It will work automatically after charging and clicking a button.

Q5: What are the strengths of the purifier for cars?

A5: It separates smoke, mite, pollen, formaldehyde, particles and odor, etc.

Q6: Does the purifier make noise and radiation?

A6: It is muted and radiation-free.

Q7: Ozone arise when there is negative ion. Is ozone harmful to humans?

A7: It is true that ozone arise together with negative ion. While the purifier just releases a little ozone, which is far from national standard.

Q8: Can I customize ion car air cleaner with my logo?

A8: Yes. When you order certain amount of purifier, you can customize it with your logo.

Q9: May I place a sample order in the beginning?

A9: Absolutely. We can start from a free sample order. We are confident you will be satisfactory with our sample and place a big order.

Q10: Does the purifier work against COVID-19?

A10: Even though it helps you breathe more fresh air indoors and outdoors, it is unable to fight against COVID-19.


Link: Ion Generator Air Cleaner Portable Air Purifier for Car