USB wearable air purifier is able to combat pollen. At the beginning of spring, the temperature rises. Pollen then arises. Hay fever is an allergic disease. A small number of people will be allergic to pollen. It causes a series of manifestations dominated by rhinoconjunctivitis, including runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, blocked nose, and itchy eyes.


Mini Wearable Air Purifier Necklace
Mini Wearable Air Purifier Necklace
Explanation of Pollen

Allergies are prone to occur. There is a professional term “exotics” in medicine. In a very easy-to-understand way, it is allergic constitution. Because the patient has an inherent susceptibility gene. When he is in face of external pollen, the series of clinical symptoms just mentioned are prone to occur. The onset of hay fever is a very typical example of external factors acting through internal factors.

Pollen is mainly outdoors and unavoidable in spring. Citizens with allergies had better stay away from pollen and catkins. The size of the pollen varies by species. Most pollen are about 20-50 microns in diameter. Some are as small as 4 microns.

Spread of Pollen

Maybe many people say that most flowers grow outdoors. As long as they do not grow indoors, there will be no symptoms of pollen allergy if they do not go out. This only reduces pollen allergens, but does not completely isolate them from pollen sources. The activities of the crowd bring various allergens and even dust from the outside into rooms. Even people with pollen allergies who never go out will be at risk of being harmed. In spring, when we open the window, the pollen will also blow into the room with the spring breeze. It also causes indoor pollen allergies.

USB wearable air purifier releases at least 5 million anions to absorb pollen. It drops on the ground instead of entering in bodies. It is a good way to prevent allergies.


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