Mite Introduction

Ultraviolet room air disinfection removed mites up to 99.99%. Dust mites are closely related to allergic asthma/allergic rhinitis.

Dust mites are ubiquitous in living rooms, they are ubiquitous creatures, generally invisible to the naked eye; it is internationally agreed that: in different geographical locations and living environments, the distribution of dominant mite species is different; but in the world , The most dominant mites in the living room are the dust mites and house dust mites.

Wall Mounted UV Light Sterilizer
Wall Mounted UV Light Sterilizer

The occurrence, development and persistence of symptoms of most allergic asthma has closely something to dust mite allergy: there are about 160 million bronchial asthma patients in the world, and the prevalence varies from 1% to 13% in various countries, and the prevalence in my country is 1%. % to 4%, and it generally shows that the incidence of children is higher than that of adults. Allergic asthma accounts for 80% of infant asthma, and 40% to 50% of adult asthma. Ultraviolet room air disinfection is covered with a aluminum box. So it won’t hurt your skin. It is safe to pregnant women and fetus.

Dust mites

In allergic asthma, the most common allergens are dust mites, cat hair, and dog hair. The dust mite prick test was positive in 85% of asthma patients, while the positive rate in the normal population was 5% to 30%. Dust mites are the leading allergen in allergic rhinitis: Allergic rhinitis is a global health problem, it is common around the world, its global incidence is 10% to 25%, and the number of patients is still increasing; it can affect Patients’ daily life, study and work efficiency, and cause a serious economic burden. Many studies have shown that: dust mites are the main allergens of allergic rhinitis. In addition, due to long-term induction of nasal mucosal inflammation, further play a role in the development of nasal polyps.


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