How to Aid “Half of the Sky”-Women

Sterilizer light UV disinfection is able to help women breaths more fresh air. As we all know, the whole world suffers a lot due to COVID-19, so the progress made in recent decades was wiped out. unluckily, COVID-19 brings about 47 million women and girls into poverty according to UN report. Therefore,  it will widen the poverty gap between men and women. 


Sterilizer light to poor women 

Women Unemployment

Why do these phenomena happen? Firstly, the world economy goes downward owing to horrible COVID-19. Plenty of companies and organizations are in bankruptcy. Unemployment rate soars instantly. Secondly, quite a many women work in retail industry, restaurants and hotels that experience long-term shutdown. Their salary went down. Thirdly, a large majority of women work in domestic helpers and cleaners. Therefore, they are lack of medical insurance, benefit and other subsidies. Sterilizer light UV disinfection keeps your indoor environment clean. 

Increasing poor women

Comparison between Unemployeed Men & Women

UN Women Executive Director Mlambo Nuka claimed that the increasing number of poor women generate a stark accusation of serious shortcomings in our social and economic development. For example, over 15-year-old 247 million women spend less than 1.9 USD daily living expense than 236 million men in 2021 across the world. That is to say, it’s difficult for women’s survival, not to mention their welfare and spiritual pursuit. For impoverished group in 2021, there are 100 impoverished men compared with 118 women. What’s worse that there are 100 impoverished men with 121 women in 2030.

Poverty gap
Poverty gap


Poor women in groups

What can we do to favor women out of the COVID-19 pandemic? First of all, women should receive fairer education. It not only emancipates women’s thinking, but also changes their destiny. It is also essential to enhance equal work and equal pay. In this way, it will narrow the salary gap between men and women as well as realize gender equality. Moreover, we should allocate benefits to women for their survival and welfare. Women are half of the sky. Finally, government should protect women’s right.


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