The Structure of Atomizer

Fogger sprayer for disinfecting benefits from independent booster charging with stable performance.  It lasts around 1 month before charging. Is it long-time use before charging?

It is even installed with 5000 rpm high pressure air pump and Siphon atomizing nozzle. So it shapes spray as thin as nano level. Is spraying mist better than spraying water drop as for humidification and disinfection?

Handheld Wireless Charging Cord Sprayer
Handheld Wireless Charging Cord Sprayer

Opening windows frequently and ventilating more is the first step in resisting bacteria. The flowing air reduces the content of microorganisms in the indoor air and dilutes the content of local viruses and bacteria.

“Illness comes in from the mouth” is not false at all. Spring is the season of frequent intestinal diseases, so pay more attention to hygiene in diet. In addition to paying attention to the hygiene of dishes and cooking, tableware that is in close contact with delicious food is also the object of attention.

How to use the fogger sprayer for disinfecting?

Firstly, we have to make sure that it turns off  when we do not use it. 

Secondly, we remove the water can and fill it with liquid. Then the minimum water level should not be over the suction tube. 

Thirdly, we connect the water can with the fogger and fasten it. If we press the switch down, the fog will come out. 

Forthly, the gear knob can ajust different amount of fog. 

Fifthly, we can turn it off after finishing work. 

Sixthly, we put clean water into the transparent water can. Then we turn on the fogger again for self-cleanning in case of liquid residual. 

Seventhly, it’s better for us to wear a mask for operation in case of inhaling excessive disinfectant. 

Finally, we should not spray the fog directly towards children and the elderly in case of breath problems. 


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