Soaring Unemployment

UV-C wall mount disinfection is a  simple effective product. The data of IMF showed that unemployment rate of USA surged to 10.4% in 2020. The 10-year development of USA – the largest global economy came to an end. The pandemic had heavy impact on tourism and flight.

Lockdown and quarantine measures caused airlines to suspend or cut flights. Customers canceled business trips and holidays. Lockdown and quarantine measures also impacted retail shops, where there were no customers and no employment. Price of crude oil crashed during the pandemic and car sales were sluggish as well. COVID-19 contributed a lot to global unemployment in all walks of life.


unemployment demonstration
unemployment demonstration

Increasing unemployment is not good for social stability. There will be more rising crime rate. It also exacerbates the gap between the rich and the poor as well as gender inequality. The vulnerable groups will be badly in need of food and medical service.


Sterilizer UVC Light Disinfect
UV-C wall mount lamp

What can we do to revitalize employment

Firstly, in-house economy is a new approach to boost economy without social gathering. In this way, people can gain salary by fitness, writing at home and online teaching, etc. Secondly, there are more demand towards UVC air sterilizer for staying at home. Thirdly, governments offer unemployment benefit to employees. It could guarantee people’s basic life and promote consumption. Finally, there will be more new employment training for employees after the pandemic. Hence, trained employees will be more skilled in new positions and win salaries. Start-ups is able to absorb labors and lift vigor of economy.

Although the pandemic damaged the employment, there will be new opportunities against difficulties. It is still hopeful to combat against setback.  UV-C wall mount disinfection stays with you indoors. 


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