How to Escape from Fire?(1)

Firstly, familiar with the environment and remember the exit

Smoke detector hanging from ceiling is functional in face of indoor fire. When you are in an unfamiliar environment, for your own safety, be sure to pay attention to evacuation passages, safety exits, and stair directions, so that you can escape from the scene as soon as possible at critical times. Remember: When it is safe to do so, you must be prepared for danger and reserve a path for yourself.


Wi-Fi Smoke Detector
Wi-Fi Smoke Detector
Secondly, unobstructed channel exit  

Stairs, passages, safety exits, etc. are the most important escape routes in the event of a fire. They should be unobstructed and must not be stacked or locked so that they can pass safely and quickly in an emergency. Remember if you cut your way, you will surely die. Smoke detector hanging from ceiling saves your life and property.

Thirdly, put out small fires to benefit others

If the fire is not big  or not causes a great threat to people, you should strive to control and extinguish the small fire with fire fighting equipment around. Do not panic Bewildered, shouting and running around, leaving the small fire unattended and causing a catastrophe. Remember against the clock to put out the “early fire”. So do not neglect the role of photoelectric smoke alarm detector in household.


Fourthly, stay calm and know your way to evacuate quickly

In the event of a sudden fire andd thick smoke, you must force yourself to remain calm. Then you quickly determine the dangerous and safe place. You have to escape, and evacuate from the dangerous place as soon as possible. Don’t blindly follow the flow of people and crowd each other, rushing around. When evacuating, you pay attention to running towards a bright place or an open area outside. You also try to run below the floor as much as possible. If the passage is blocked by fireworks, you should turn away from the fireworks and escape to the outside through balconies, transoms, rooftops, etc. Remember that a person can only come up with a good solution if he is calm and composed.