Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Smart Wall Mounted UV-C Air Sterilizer

Q1: How does UV-C light for disinfection work?

A1: The sterilizer absorb indoor air into first of all.

Then bacteria and virus are removed by filter and UV-C lamp inside the disinfector.

Finally fresh air is released from the disinfector.

Q2: Is the UV-C light harmful to humans?

A2: Disinfection of UV-C light is widely recognized in the world in Mid 20th century.

UV-C light is inside the disinfector machine, without access to human skin. So it is not harmful to humans.

Q3: What are the strengths of it?

A3: It is odor-free and and radiation-free with no corrosion of items.

It still works in the area where man can stay.

It purifies air, disinfecting bacteria and virus, still with odor-proof and anti-foul function.

Q4: How long does UV-C light work?

A4: UV-C light works over 8000 hours. It works 2 hours a day, so it lasts for over 10 years.

Q5: How far can the sterilizer reach?

A5: It reaches 150m² area. It is available in different areas, such as restaurants, schools, hotels, apartments, hospitals, etc.

Q6: Does the sterilizer consume a lot of power?

A6: Its power is 120W. As it works 2 hours a day, it costs 0.24 KW·h. Therefore, tt saves power.

Q7: Does the sterilizer make noises?

A7: It makes noises below 50DB. So it won’t impact sleep and rest.

Q8: How to use the sterilizer?

A8: The sterilizer is available by manual control, control remoter or Tuya app. In this case, you can contact us for manuals please.

Q9: Can I customize it with my logo?

A9: Yes. When you order certain amount of sterilizer, you can customize it with your logo.

Q10: May I place a sample order in the beginning?

A10: Absolutely. We can start from a sample order. We are confident you will satisfied with our sample and place a big order.


Link: UV-C Disinfection Upper Air Wall Mounted