How Harmful Mites Are

The danger of mites

Smart UV-C air disinfector can kill mites on home furniture like sofas, beds, carpets, etc. The growth of mites on human skin can induce a variety of diseases. Therefore, to reduce the harm of mites, it is necessary to do preventive work and keep the Hygienic cleansing and cleansing of your own facial skin. The harm of mites can lead to human skin lesions, such as folliculitis, acne, rosacea, etc. These skin disease symptoms may be caused by the harm of mites. The main hazards of mites are:


smart uv-c air disinfector
smart uv-c air disinfector
induced skin disease

Mites are easy to induce skin diseases, because the reproduction and growth of mites need to absorb nutrients from the skin. Skin mites can also accelerate the production of fine wrinkles, and also accelerate pigmentation such as chloasma, freckles, and dark spots, affecting the health of the skin. Mites can also cause acne, bumpy skin, pruritus, rosacea, and more.

trigger inflammation

When mites invade people’s eyelash follicles and sebaceous glands, it will cause inflammation of the eyelid margin, and some people also find that the eyelashes are loose and so on. Mites are easy to cause local inflammatory lesions, such as blockage of the sebum organ. It can further stimulate the proliferation of the stratum corneum and the expansion of the hair follicles. At the same time, due to the presence of mites on the face, the secretion of sebum is blocked. It makes the human skin lack fat and dry. The epidermis is rough. The hair oil organ is physiologically hindered first.

damage hair

Mites can also cause damage to human hair follicles. When the hair follicle mites scrape and eat the root wall of the hair root, thereby absorbing the nutrients supplied to the hair root, the root of the hair will become thinner and the root will be shaken, so hair loss gradually begins to occur, resulting in dandruff, itching of the head, scalp disorders, Hair problems such as rough hair and hair loss occur.

cause allergies

Many people also experience allergic symptoms, because the excrement of mites easily enter our human respiratory system, etc. Mites can cause a variety of respiratory diseases. The mite excrement is eventually rolled into the air as dust and enters the human respiratory tract through breathing. Many people have allergic reactions to mite excrement, especially those with allergies. It can cause uncomfortable reactions such as strong sneezing and breathing. Wall mountable ultraviolet air sterilizer are totally silent and kill 99.99% of all airborne micro-organisms such as dust mites, bacteria and mold spores.