Smart Wall Mount UV-C Air Sterilizer

Wall Mounted UV Light Sterilizer

  • Rated power: 120W
  • Rated voltage: 110V-220V
  • UV lamp power: 90W(30W*3)
  • Ultraviolet radiation energy (W/c㎡):
  • 12*3W/c㎡
  • UV lamp wavelength (nm): 254nm
  • Environment temperature: -5~35℃
  • Application area (㎡): 150㎡
  • Filter:TiO₂ photocatalyst filter
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Net weight (kg): 5.1kg
  • Gross weight (kg): 5.8kg
  • Size (mm): 967*200*100mm



Purification speed (㎡/hour): 150㎡/hour

UV lamp working life (H): ≥500H/8000H/18000H

Diameter of air inlet and outlet (small hole):5mm

Diameter of the air inlet and outlet plane (large hole):85mm

Number of air outlet fans: 2 pieces

Rotation speed of air outlet fan (RPM): 2500-3500RPM( 5 levels adjustable)

Air outlet fan air volume (㎥/min): 3.02㎥/min

Fan noise at the air outlet (db): ≤50db


Anlian Co.,Ltd  is Designer / Manufacturer / Factory / Wholesaler of  Smart Wall Mount UV-C Air Sterilizer.  As an OEM manufacturer,  we support our distrbutors to add custom style into the design, such as the Color, Logo, even protable parts and package boxes, to build their own brand and promote their business.

As for Smart Wall Mount UV-C Air Sterilizer, its size is only 967*200*100mm and net weight is  5.1kg. Mutiple Application: removing mites, dust, bacteria, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Dropshipping and sample business are both welcome via Whatsapp: +86 13480754989.


Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Working Procedures of the Sterilizer

Untreated air is absorbed into the wall mount air sterilizer. Treated air is released out of it.

It is based on a fixed close space instead of outside area. It covered 150m² indoor area.

People can breathe more fresh air indoors where there is clean environment.


Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Highlight of Sterilizer

The bigges highlight: The wall mount UV air sterilizer works where people can stay at the same time.

Although the ultraviolet is harmful to skin, it is covered by a aluminum box. So it won’t hurt skin.

The work life of UV-C light is over 8000 hours. It works 2 hours a day, so it can work for over 10 years.


UV Wall Mount Sterilizer
UV Wall Mount Sterilizer
Photocatalyst Function

There is TiO₂ photocatalyst filter in the aluminum box. How about its functions?

It generates decomposing function by absorbing ultraviolet.

Then it decompose toxic gas in the air and pathogens.

It still works against odor, pullution and formaldehyde.

Wall mounted UV lamp sterilizer is also a photocatalyst air purifier.


Sterilizer Light UV Disinfection
Sterilizer Light UV Disinfection
Standard OSRAM light

OSRAM light reaches the standard of IS 9001 & ISO 14001.

It is anti-virus, anti-bacteria and also insect-free.

If it is exposed outside, it does harm to skin. Luckily, we cover it in a aluminum box. So it won’t hurt skin.


Hot Sale UVC Sterilizer
Hot Sale UVC Sterilizer
Tuya APP

Regular disinfection 2-hour a day keeps virus & bacteria away.

In addition, remote controller & Tuya APP are access to wall mount air sterilizer. It’s also easy to install Tuya APP on our cellphones.

Before we leave for our apartments, we start the work of sterilizer by openning Tuya APP.


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