Tips in Hazy Days

Air cleaner ionizer purifiers stays with you to anywhere in hazy days. What are the most effective ways to prevent smog? There are 5 methods to prevent smog.


Personal Mini Air Cleaner Necklace
Personal Mini Air Cleaner Necklace
 4 Tips in hazy days

Firstly, don’t open windows for ventilation in the morning and evening. Should you open windows for ventilation or close doors and windows? According to experts, please try not to open windows for ventilation in the morning and evening in haze days. It is better to wait for the sun to come out before opening windows.

Is it good to keep the windows open for ventilation? There are still kitchen fumes, furniture additives and other pollution at home, and dirty indoor air that will also endanger your health. There are healthy tips. You can choose to open the window for a short time at noon when the sun is more abundant and the pollutants are less.

Secondly, please don’t take strenuous exercise. When people do strenuous exercise such as long-distance running and football, their lung capacity will increase. It will lead to inhalation of more pollutants. There are healthy tips. You can wear a mask when you go out! Although masks can only block some pollutants, it is always better than nothing. Air cleaner ionizer purifiers is your companion.

Thirdly, please reduce outdoor activities. The elderly and people with heart and lung diseases should stay indoors and stop outdoor sports. The general population have to reduce outdoor sports. If people are more sensitive to pollution, such as children and pregnant women, they had better not go out on hazy days.

There are healthy tips. If you have to go out, it is better not to travel by bicycle or electric vehicle. Because it reduces the chance of exposure to smog. Asthma patients should prepare sprays. And heart patients should bring some Suxiao Jiuxin pills, triglycerides, etc.

Finally, please try to stay away from the rush hour on the road in the morning and evening. Because the concentration of pollutants is the highest. It shows that a major source of toxic particulate matter in cities is vehicle exhaust.


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