Mites Removal

Quality wall mounted sterilizer OEM wholesale custom  is able to remove mites. Everyone is familiar with mites. They are usually found on our quilts and bed sheets. Although we cannot see them with the naked eye, they are real and there are many. Therefore, we usually pay attention to the removal of mites.


Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Wholesale Sterilizer Lamp Ultraviolet
Wash once a week

To get rid of mites, the most important thing is to ensure that the quilt has no other dirt to provide breeding conditions for mites. Therefore, if possible, wash the quilt cover and pillow cover once a week.

Use sulfur soap

Sulfur soap has a very strong ability to kill mites. Dilute the sulfur soap and put it into the washing machine together, and then put it in the laundry detergent, which can effectively remove the mites.


The sun is the natural enemy of mites, so regularly expose the quilt to sunlight to kill the mites. Quality wall mounted sterilizer helps you clean household items.

change into pajamas

When we go out, we are actually contaminated with a lot of dust and mites. If we go to bed directly, we will undoubtedly bring the mites back to the quilt. We should have a set of home clothes at home, and we should change them when we get home.

Ventilate the room frequently

Humidity is the condition for the breeding of mites, so we should pay attention to the ventilation of the room and keep the air circulation, which can inhibit the breeding of mites.

Vinegar + hot water to kill mites

Small objects like pillow covers can be used to kill mites by mixing vinegar and hot water, which is very effective. In addition, they should be sun-dried instead of air-dried after washing.


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