Household “Safeguard”-Portable USB Rechargeable Sprayer

Dinning Room

Portable USB rechargeable sprayer is household “safeguard”. Kitchens and dining rooms are now our “epidemic” base. We need to clean the table and kitchen countertops before and after each meal.

Catering utensils are preferably physically disinfected, boiled for 15-30min, or disinfected according to the instructions using a high-temperature disinfection box (cabinet). Chlorine-containing disinfectants (effective chlorine concentration 250 mg/L~500 mg/L) soak for 30 minutes. Then it rinses with clean water.


Spray Gun Portable USB
Spray Gun Portable USB
Whole Room

In extraordinary times, we need to do a good job of “preventive disinfection”, wipe the surface of countertops, door handles, telephones, switches, hot water kettle handles, wash basins, toilets and other frequently touched objects, at least once a day with portable usb rechargeable sprayer. The effect is 30min and then wipe with clean water.

The ground is always clean and dry, and a chlorine-containing disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration of 250 mg/L~500mg/L) can be wiped with a mop cloth for 30min, and then wiped with clean water.

When using disinfectants, we must pay attention to the ratio and safety of use. Put away this home sanitization guide. Lafideburg will work with you to protect your family’s health.


How to keep ourselves tiday and clean

According to the specific weather conditions, ventilate 2 to 3 times a day, each time not less than half an hour.

Be sure to wash your hands when you go out and go home. Wash your hands after touching items that may be contaminated, or disinfect them with gun sprayer handheld portable USB rechargeable.

We should change clothes  frequently when going out. If necessary, we disinfect them with boiling water, or soaked with disinfectant (according to the product instructions).

Surfaces of environmental objects that are often touched by hands, such as tabletops, countertops, door handles, etc., are cleaned every day, and if necessary (such as visiting guests at home, etc.), they can be wiped and disinfected with chlorine disinfectant (used according to the product instructions). Small items such as mobile phones, remote controls, mice, keyboards, etc. can be wiped and disinfected with alcohol wipes.


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