Humidifying Ways

How much humidity is appropriate

Portable nano mister plays an important role in humidification. The human body generally adaptes to a humidity of 40% to 70%. If the humidity exceeds 80% or is lower than 30%, the human body will feel uncomfortable. If the indoor humidity is below 30%, we consider using a humidifier. Generally, when the humidity reaches 60%, the human body feels more comfortable. Some humidifiers can display humidity meter. If not, we can buy another hygrometer.


Are these humidification methods reliable


Putting a basin of water on the ground may be a simple humidification operation for many people. Does this really have a humidifying effect? Since the water in the basin will slowly evaporate, it does make the air a little more humid. It may be more useful to place several basins of water in different locations.

However, this effect may not be large. The basin is always open. It will breed bacteria, so it is best to change the water in a basin every day. In addition, the water basin occupies a lot of space. It is not beautiful to put on the ground, which is quite in the way. It is best to put it in the corner of the room to avoid kicking it over when walking.

Rechargeable Nano Atomizer
Rechargeable Nano Atomizer

We raise some green plants indoors, such as sunflower, monstera, green dill, etc. The leaves of these plants will transpire water. However, if there are only one or two pots of green plants, the humidification efficiency is very low.

Plants will absorb water in the soil during the growth process. It turns the water into water vapor through the stomata and diffuse into the air. That is transpiration. In this process, when the water becomes water vapor, it absorbs heat energy. It can effectively reduce the temperature of the leaves and prevent the leaves from being burned due to excessive leaf temperature. Unless the home is a “flower room”, it is difficult to achieve the ideal humidification effect.


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