Tips for Removing Odors in Cars

Portable car air purifier

It is based on active deodorization principle. It decomposes toxic molecules into harmless gases. Portable car air purifier can truly remove odors and eliminate bacteria and toxic substances in the car.


Air Car Deodorizer
Air Car Deodorizer

Before driving, car owners should open the doors and windows to let the circulating air dilute and disperse the toxic gas in the car. Open as many windows as possible while driving to let the wind blow away the poisonous gas in the car, and also help the new car to quickly get rid of odors.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has abundant capillaries, and these capillaries have strong adsorption properties. When toxic gases in the air come into contact with activated carbon, they are adhesive on these capillaries to purify the air. At present, the application of activated carbon has been very perfect. And it is better for car owners to place activated carbon bags in the car. After all, it does not obstruct the space. It still has a good-looking packaging and provides you with clean air for a long time in the car.


Photocatalyst is a nano-scale metal oxide material. It is on the surface of the substrate. It also has a strong catalytic degradation function under the action of light. So it degrades toxic, harmful gases and bacteria. And it decomposes toxins released by bacteria or fungi. At the same time, it has functions such as deodorization and anti-fouling.

Cleaning air conditioner

Due to different seasons and the influence of environment, air conditioners are very easy to breed various bacteria and viruses. If we do not clean and replace the air conditioner filter  regularly, it will release toxic and germ-containing gas. It is easy to get sick when the human absorbs it.


Thermal insulation film

Putting a high-quality thermal insulation film in cars not only make the environment more comfortable, but also effectively prevent infrared rays from entering the car. Then it intensifies the release of toxic gases from the items in the car.


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