Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Detector

Photoelectric smoke alarm
Photoelectric smoke alarm
Questions & Answers

Q1: What color is the indicator of photoelectric smoke alarm detector? As long as the battery is installed, does the indicator light turnon?

A1: The indicator is red. During the work, the indicator flashes approximately every 45 seconds.

Q2: What material and color is the cover?

A2: It is made of ABS. And its color is white.

Q3: What’s the weight of the smoke fire smart alarm?

A3: The smoke fire alarm is 181g (except the base).

Q4: How long do we change the alert smoke alarm carbon monoxide?

A4: It’s better to replace it every 10 years.

Q5: Is the alert smoke alarm linked to a fire alarm?

A5: It features both smoke and fire alarm. 2 in 1 function is awesome.

Q6: Is alert smoke alarm carbon monoxide easy for installation?

A6: Firstly, we use 2 expanding screws to fix the alarm bottom on the ceiling. Then we align the small convex of the side wall of the alarm to the base. Finally, we rotate it clockwise to fix it on the base.

Q7: Does the smoke fire detector get through fire inspection with certificate recognition?

A7: It reaches the standard of fire inspection and still acquires 3C certificate. Therefore, its quality is trustable.

Q8: Does the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector make noises?

A8: It keeps quiet when there is no smoke and alarm. It just makes noises on 85DB or about to remind people to protect their life and property.

Q9: Can I customize smoke fire alarm detector with my logo?

A9: Yes. When you order certain amount of it, you can customize it with your logo.

Q10: May I place a sample order in the beginning?

A10: Absolutely. We can start from a sample order. We are confident you will be satisfied with our sample and place a big order in the following days.