How to Escape from Fire?(2)

Not in danger, not greedy for property

Keep your home safe from fires and other harm by installing a photoelectric smoke alarm detector. If you are in danger, you should evacuate as soon as possible. Don’t waste your escape time on finding and removing valuables because you are shy or take care of valuables. Those who have escaped from danger should not return to the danger and throw themselves into the trap. Remember to keep the green hills, don’t be afraid of running out of firewood.


Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector
Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector
Simple protection, cover the nose and prostrate

When escaping through a smoke-filled route, it is necessary to prevent smoke poisoning and suffocation. In order to prevent the smoke from choking in the fire, you can use a towel, a mask to cover your nose, and crawl to evacuate. The smoke is lighter than the air and floats on the upper part. Evacuation close to the ground is the best way to avoid smoke inhalation and filter out the poisonous gas.

When passing through the fireworks blockade area, you should wear protective equipment such as gas masks, helmets, flame-retardant and heat-resistant clothing. Head and body wrapped, and then rushed out. Remember: It’s better to have multiple protective gear on hand than bare hands. Photoelectric smoke alarm detector save lives, preventing injuries and minimizing damage by alerting you to a fire as early as possible.


Make good use of the passageway and do not enter the elevator

Buildings designed and constructed in accordance with standard standards will have more than two escape stairs, passages or safe sunrises. In the event of a fire, it is necessary to choose a relatively safe stairway according to the situation. In addition to using stairs, you can also use the balcony, window sill, sky roof, etc. of the building to climb to the surrounding safe places, and slide downstairs along the protrusions in the building structure such as downspouts and lightning protection lines to escape.

In high-rise buildings, the power supply system of the elevator will be cut off at any time in the event of a fire, or the elevator will be deformed due to the effect of heat, and people will be trapped in the elevator. At the same time, because the elevator shaft is like a chimney that goes straight through to each floor, the poisonous smoke directly threatens the lives of those trapped. Remember that elevators are extremely dangerous when escaping. Smoke detector hanging from ceiling is effective at detecting flash fires.