Anti-Smog Tips

Personal air purifier necklace is amazing to keep smog away from you. To deal with the smog, some people wore masks. Some chose not to go out. There are anti-smog tips for your reference.


Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner
Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner
Wearing a hat

The ability of hair to absorb pollutants is well known. Wearing a hat before going out can effectively prevent the harm of smog.


Wearing a mask

Masks cannot completely block the inhalation of harmful particles. But it sets a barrier for the respiratory tract that is better than nothing.


Wearing long clothes

Dressing too loosely increases the contact area with harmful air. While wearing long clothes is both warm and healthy in winter.

Outdoor “short and smooth”

We pause briefly and breathe peacefully. It is also good to walk in small steps. We can wash faces and hands when entering the house

Breathing through your nose

There are nasal hairs and mucus in the nasal cavity. It absorbs harmful particles in the air. If we breathe through the mouth, it will reach the tonsils.

Blowing our nose

We are sure to use a blower and never dig it with your hands. It will damage the nasal cavity, which is equivalent to self-destructing the Great Wall.


Opening windows

At noon, the window was slightly open. It is better not open windows in the morning and evening.

Going to bed early

Sleep slows down breathing and reduces the amount of harmful particulate inhaled.

Drinking more water

We drink a little more water to speed up the renewal of water in the body. It is very good for our health.

Smoking less

The air quality is already bad enough. Smokers should reduce smoking for the good of others and themselves.


Eating more crude fiber foods

We eat more crude fiber foods such as soybeans, celery, and apples. It relaxes bowels and help detoxification of bodies.


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