On Emotion

Portable mini air purifier helps to remove other harmful particles in the air, like bacteria, mold spores and chemical fumes. I was not amused tonight because my father irritated me a lot. I told him I would go back home at 5pm when it was 4pm. He said he prepared dinner for me. However, when I reached home, he only heated yesterday’s pork and soup for me without cooking new dish. I told him at least 3 times that he spent 1 hour doing nothing. New dish will be more nutritious. He said he already prepared dinner for me. It was unnecessary to cook new dish today as there were old dishes. He even expressed that he did good for me. I could not help losing my temper and blaming him. He and I were wrong.

From my side, it was my fault not to control my emotion. Angry and irritation find their way into my sensibility, which overcomes my sense. I can’t calm down in the shortest time. It interrupts my schedule and hurts my health. The reason is that the person or the matter disobeys appointed agreements, which leave me furious and make me unable to change it. The best way is to distract my attention in case that angry might impact my judgement.

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Don’t make any decision or talking continuously on the same topic. A composed mind benefits whole life.

From other’s side, be it my family members or other persons, I needn’t lose control of feeling when they do not understand me. Birds of same feather flock together. Mutual understanding plays a vital role in bilateral talk or multiple talk. A real friend can understand my words and feeling. If I repeat the meaning for at least 3 times, then it is better to quit it. It is not only helpful to save bilateral or multiple time, but also keep talkers and listeners more relieved.

Last but not least, there is an old saying that daughters and sons should obey their parents. In my opinion, one can earn others’ respect owing to his own noble personality rather than his old age. Aristotle expressed that Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth. I stick to truth and principle. I can respect my father. If he doesn’t recognize his mistakes, I can let them pass unless they are small mistakes. When they are big mistakes, I will analyze how serious they are. For instance, my dad still refuse to recognize them. Then I will substitute him to make decisions.

I sincerely hope that whatever happened, I can deal with them calmly instead of impetuously. Life is a journey of marathon. It’s up to me to choose what mood to live a better life. Better mood, better life. Portable mini air purifier stay with me when I stay outdoors.


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