Secondhand Smoke Against Pregnant Women

Necklace air freshener mini is an oxygen bar to pregnant women, expeically to protect them from second-hand smoke. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to the body, but they ignore the harm of second-hand smoke. Secondhand smoke is also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). It includes both mainstream smoke exhaled by smokers and sidestream smoke coming directly from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. A common name for the smoke from the cigarette itself when it burns.

Pregnant women often face second-hand smoke. If they have to inhale second-hand smoke, it will have adverse effects on themselves and their fetuses.


Mini Portable Air Purifier Wearable
Mini Portable Air Purifier Wearable
Pregnancy complications

Pregnant women face second-hand smoke for a long time. One of the hazards of second-hand smoke in pregnant women is the damage to their own organs. Secondhand smoke is also the main cause of gestational hypertension in pregnant women and a major factor in the occurrence of complications during pregnancy. For example, gestational hypertension and gestational hyperglycemia are closely related to secondhand smoking.

Cancer during pregnancy

Second-hand smoke also contains a large number of harmful substances, among which there are as many as 69 kinds of harmful substances causing cancer. These substances can cause key gene mutations in the body. It will affect the normal growth control mechanism and eventually lead to cell cancer and malignant tumors. Studies have shown that smoking can lead to lung cancer, oral and nasopharyngeal malignancies. If women inhale secondhand smoke during pregnancy, they are more likely to cause cancer because of hormone changes.

Sudden fetal death

Prolonged inhalation of second-hand smoke by pregnant women can also cause sudden infant death syndrome and reduced birth weight of the fetus. Necklace air freshener mini is also helpful to fetus.


Decreased resistance

If expectant mothers face secondhand smoke for a long time, they will have a decrease in their own resistance and are more prone to colds, headaches and even cancer. When expectant mothers smoke more than 10 cigarettes of secondhand smoke a day, they have a miscarriage rate that is twice as high as that of non-smoking expectant mothers. Premature birth of the incidence is twice that of non-smokers. Long-term passive smoking of second-hand smoke will cause changes in certain organs of the human body, resulting in decreased immunity.


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