Best nano mist sprayer
Best nano mist sprayer
Disinfectant Nano Mist Sanitizer

Q1: How far does nano mist sanitizer reach?

A1: It reaches 1.5 meters.

Q2: How long can nano mist sanitizer last every time?

A2: 2000 mAh lithium battery is inside the sanitizer. The sanitizer can last for about 1 month.

Q3: What can be put into the sanitizer bottle?

A3: It is available for different disinfectants and liquid. But we have to clean the bottle after using it in case of blockage.

Q4: What is the volume of the sanitizer bottel?

A4: It embraces 380ml bottle to carry a big amount of disinfectants.

Q5: How is the sanitizer charged?

A5: There is a USB Type-C in the sanitizer. It is general standard to be charged by different devices via USB Type-C. So it’s pretty convenient for charging.

Q6: Does the sanitizer suffer from the blockage of disinfectants?

A6: There is a fine filter ball in the bottom of the suction pipe. Then the ball can filter the impurity in case of blockage.

Q7: What functions does disinfectant nano mist sanitizer contain?

A7: It plays roles as a cleaner, a humidifier, an aroma diffuser and also a flower injector, etc.

Q8: Is the blue light UV light?

A8: When the mister works, it turn to blue. It is only common light, not UV light.

Q9: Can I customize it with my logo?

A9: Yes. When you order certain amount of the fogger, you can customize it with your logo.

Q10: May I place a sample order in the beginning?

A10: Absolutely. We can start from a free sample order. We are confident you will be satisfied with our sample and place a big order.

Q11: Does the atomizer work against COVID-19?

A11: Although it helps indoor disinfection, it is unable to fight against COVID-19.


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