Humidifying Approaches


Nano mister is portable and convenient for humidification indoors, especially in winter. Hanging the washed clothes in a heated room can really humidify the room if you hang a lot of them. However, the limitation of this method is that the clothes dry overnight. There may not be so many wet clothes to dry every day. Putting a wet towel on the radiator is similar to this method. The wet towel dries on the radiator for a few hours. It is a little troublesome to re-wet the towel before using it.


Sprinkling water on the floor can indeed humidify. However, the amount of water sprinkled is not easy to control. If you sprinkle less, it will evaporate quickly. If you sprinkle too much, there is a risk of slipping while walking. Also the feeling of wetness everywhere in the house is not good. Mopping the floor to humidify is similar to sprinkling humidification. After mopping the floor, the floor in the heating room will dry quickly. This method is not good for lazy people.


nano mister
nano mister
Wet clothes standing electric heater

In the south, electric heaters may be used. Some people use electric heaters as dryers. They spread wet clothes on the heaters. It seems that they can also humidify by the way. But this is not safe and may cause a fire due to the high temperature igniting the clothes! When the electric heater is on, the temperature is very high. It is better to place it at least one meter away from people and do not cover it with clothes.

Humidification is important, hydration is more important. In addition to humidifying the environment, it is also important to maintain moisture inside the body. If you have a cold and feel very dry, please drink more warm water! Don’t look at water as an ordinary thing, but drinking water is really useful. Staying in a dry room, the body will lose more water. So please pay attention to hydrating the body.

Under normal circumstances, it is better for adults to drink 1500ml to 1700ml of water per day. It is about 7 or 8 cups of water, and a glass of water is about 200ml. It is also good to drink a cup of warm water when you get up in the morning. So it replenish the water consumed overnight, reducing blood viscosity and promoting blood circulation. It also accelerates gastrointestinal motility and facilitate defecation.


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