Humidifying Reasons

Nano mist sprayer effectively humidify the air in dry season. Waking up in a heated room in winter, do you feel your mouth is dry? We regard indoor humidification as a thing that can “moisten things silently”. Can putting a basin of water on the ground humidify it? I heard that if the humidifier is used incorrectly, it is not good for the body? Today, we will talk about things related to humidification!


Why do we need to humidify indoors in winter

Humidification can relieve “heating disease”. We heard of “air conditioning disease” in summer. Did we know that “heating disease” may also occur in winter? Of course, this may be mainly the trouble of northern students.


nano mist sprayer
nano mist sprayer

During the heating period, the indoor air is too dry. Many people wake up in the morning with a dry mouth and some nosebleeds. If the dryness lasts too long, it will reduce the secretion of respiratory mucosa. In addition, in order to keep warm, many people rarely open windows for ventilation in winter. Dust and bacteria adhere to the mucous membranes, which can easily cause problems such as coughing and upper respiratory tract infections. Humidifying the room can alleviate this “heating disease”.

Humidification can reduce static problems.Drying can easily lead to static electricity. In winter, the air is dry. So it is more likely to generate static electricity and anything you touch may be “popped”.

Studies have shown that the lower the relative humidity of the air is, the greater the possibility of static electricity is. If the humidity is lower than 30%, static electricity easily generate. When the humidity is 50%, the static electricity of the body will significantly reduce. While the humidity is higher than 65%, the possibility of static electricity is close to zero. Therefore, increasing indoor humidity can effectively reduce static electricity problems.


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