Pollen Tests

Registering deparment of hay fever

Mini wearable air filtration keeps pollen away from you if you are allergic to it. Take Beijing as an example, if you catch the symptoms of rhinoconjunctivitis, you should doubt whether you will have hay fever allergy.

Mini necklace air purifier
Mini necklace air purifier

Some hospitals have allergy departments. It is better for you to go to these departments for treatment. On one hand, allergen testing is available. On the other hand, symptomatic treatment can be given. Knowing what the patient is allergic to, the doctor can make more accurate judgments about the changes in his condition.

Some hospitals may not have an allergy department. Thus you can go to the corresponding department for symptomatic treatment according to symptoms. For example, if the symptoms of rhinitis are more obvious, you can go to the ENT department. If the symptoms of the conjunctiva are more obvious, you can go to the ophthalmology department. If you have asthma, you can go to the respiratory department. Through regular treatment, at least the symptoms are well controlled first.


Tests for hay fever

In the allergy department, the following two tests are routinely available to check for allergens:

The first is to do a skin test. It is similar to the skin test done before penicillin. But the number of injections is much more than the penicillin skin test, which requires more than 20 injections. After the skin test, the patient has to check for specific antibodies that cause allergies.

Of course, if there is a patient with clear asthma, before giving you a skin test, you have to take a pulmonary function test. We have to ensure that you do the skin test under the condition of normal lung function. Because the skin test is a substance that may cause allergies. This is also for safety.


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