Anti-Haze Winter

Mini portable air purifier is necessary for you against winter haze. Winter is the season of high incidence of smog. These days the smog is coming again as scheduled.

On a smoggy day, visibility is low and breathing is difficult. It is really distressing. There are pedestrians wrapped up everywhere on the street. We all know that smog is very harmful to human health. Therefore, how to prevent smog in winter has become a topic of greatest concern to everyone.


Purifier Necklace Ionizer Ion Generator
Purifier Necklace Ionizer Ion Generator
6 Tips for preventing smog in winter

Firstly, please wear a mask when going out. It can effectively filter harmful pollutants to a certain extent.

Secondly, please try not to open windows in your home. You must also resist external haze pollutants and do not allow them to enter your home. At this time, the habit of getting up and opening the window every day will be slightly slowed down. It is better to wait for the haze to dissipate a little. After the sun comes out and slowly subside, you can ope the window.

Thirdly, please prepare a few more masks and wash them once at a time. It will effectively reduce the damage of smog. The masks should be clean in time as much as possible. Then the spare ones should be available the next day. Otherwise, the pollutants remaining on the masks are likely to cause secondary pollution.

Fourthly, it is very important to wash your face, gargle and clean your nasal cavity in time when you go out and go home. Because your face, arms and other body parts are bare for a long time. Although we wear masks and even wrap headscarves, the dust is spread all over the air. There is no way to completely isolate it.

Fifthly, please try to avoid outdoor sports. It is particularly important for the elderly loving sport and morning exercise. If there is haze, pls don’t go out for morning exercise. The smog can easily irritate the respiratory tract. In severe cases, it will cause a certain infection. So it is better to wait a few days after the smog subside. And then you can resume your exercise plan.

Lastly, you can eat a light diet, like more vegetables and fruits. Please avoid the excessive stimulation of heavy-flavored, fried, and spicy foods, supplementing more vitamins. Some food clears the lungs and moisten the throat. It also relieves the haze. At the same time, drinking more water still alleviates the harm of haze weather to the body.


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