Working Against Indoor Dust

Install Screen Windows

Although the screen window leaks, it can still block some dust, and it can also effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering, so even if the window is opened for ventilation, there is no need to worry about mosquitoes everywhere in the house.


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best travel humidifier
Cloth for Wiping Indoor Items

There is no moisture in the dry rag, so it is difficult to absorb dust, and it cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Therefore,  gun sprayer handheld portable USB rechargeable releases nano mist on furniture, doors and windows with a rag. If it is a house facing the street, the dust in the house is relatively heavy, you can use a vacuum cleaner, a large vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the floor, and a small one can be used to clean the dust on the bed and furniture.

Put a Rug at the Door

In fact, a lot of dust at home is brought back from the outside by ourselves, especially the soles of shoes, so you can put a carpet in front of your home and wipe your feet when you go home, which can also effectively reduce the generation of dust.

Use a Humidifier in Winter and Spring

The weather in the north is dry, especially in the dry seasons of winter and spring, and it is easy to produce flying fluff and dust. A mini portable air humidifier or a personal wearable air purifier necklace with humidification can be used in the bedroom or living room. In addition, if conditions permit, a fresh air ventilation system can be installed, which can play the role of ventilation and dust filtering.

Choose the Right Time to Open the Window

Choose a time when the traffic is not heavy and the air is fresh, open the windows for ventilation, such as in the morning, or after the rush hour in the evening. When opening the window, spread a damp towel on the bottom groove of the window to absorb some dust. If the house faces the street, in addition to sealing the doors and windows, you can also choose light gauze curtains to prevent dust from entering the room.