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Purifies Air Eliminating Germs
Purifies Air Eliminating Germs
Less going out

The elderly and children should minimize going out with weak resistance and susceptible people with respiratory diseases. They have to reduce outdoor activities. They can also wear masks to protect the body when going out. It prevents pollutants from entering the lungs from the nose and mouth. They still need to wash face and bare skin after back home.


Wearing a mask and avoiding going out

It is advisable to wear a mask when going out. But it is better not to wear a mask for more than 4 hours in a row. Cloth masks should be clean and disinfected with boiling water every day. Some personalized masks and cartoon masks are only one or two layers thick. So it is hard to filter viruses and dust in the air. Common N95, KN90 and other types of masks have good protection against PM2.5. while children are not suitable to wear them. It is better not to use disposable masks repeatedly to avoid secondary pollution.


Closing the doors and windows to clean the air

On hazy days, we should close doors and windows as much as possible. Windows can be open for a short period of time at noon when there is sufficient sunlight and fewer pollutants. The installation and use of air purifiers have a certain effect on improving indoor air quality. Products that do not produce ozone and other by-products should be available.

Placing green plants indoors

We can grow some green plants indoors. They absorb carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen.


Paying attention to your diet

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases, especially the elderly, should maintain a scientific lifestyle. Namely they have to avoid overwork and drink more water. They have to keep light diet. That is eating less irritating food and more tofu, milk as well as other foods. They still supplement vitamin D if necessary.

Careful while driving

In moderate and severe haze weather, people should drive and cycle carefully, especially with low visibility and poor vision. When passing intersections and unattended railway crossings, people should slow down and obey traffic rules to avoid traffic accidents.


Timely treatment of disease recurrence

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases should avoid going out, such as asthma, chronic pharyngitis and allergic rhinitis. Patients with cardiovascular disease or the elderly, children, pregnant women should stay indoors. If you need to go out, especially those with asthma and coronary heart disease, you should carry medicines with you to avoid irritation.


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