“Unforgettable” Education

Mini portable air freshener is a device to keep dust, particles and other contaminants away from you. It is a mobile light cheap oxygen bar. When I mentioned “Unforgettable”, it is not a positive word. I really appreciate my homeland, which is powerful and prosperous. However, there are problems during its progress, especially for its education. I’m confident that China education will make achievements in long-term.

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My previous education

China education like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, reaching to the very verge of despair. When I studied in primary school, my math teacher beat me a lot as I couldn’t figure out simple math questions. It not only made me lose face, but also resulted in my fear on math from then on. However, my classmates whose parents were teachers or public servants always caught more attention from teachers, while I could not earn the attention from teachers because of my common family background. I desired to get a little attention from teachers, but less from them.

When I studies in middle school and high school, scores became top priority in my performance as I had to participate in entrance examination. The score rank distinguished outstanding students from poor students. Teachers spoke highly of outstanding students while lowly of poor students like me. I was in low mood everyday in the school because teachers quit me. I did not quit myself. Therefore, I endeavored to rotate plenty of passages and take a lot of exercises. Finally my performance shocked teachers.

Mini portable air freshener keeps you a companion when you study hard. Reality is always cruel than ideal. When I started to work, my rotation and exercises were unable to help me with solution. Actual work requires my deep thinking and flexible action. It is the truth in the real world. While school seldom taught me what is deep thinking and flexible action.

 China education diverges the rich and the poor, the city and the village. Teachers emphasize students’ scores rather than their personality. Students are processed into tool men without their own thinking. Air cleaner is your friend.

Fair education should treat each area and class equal. Teachers should set a role model to students, especially to their personality. Students have to learn critical thinking and innovation in school.


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