Is It Good to Let Children Grow Up in a “Sterile” Perfect Environment?

Most of the parents do their best to create a perfect growth environment for the child. So that the child suffers less and lives better. Wireless fogging disinfection sprayer gun carries sanitizing liquid (mixed with water) for disinfection of any surfaces.


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For example, children are not allowed to play at will, for fear of any accidents; no snacks are allowed, only organic vegetables, fruits, and milk can be eaten every day; a quarrel-free and warm family environment is created…
Try to make everything as close to perfect as possible, and artificially exclude all kinds of impurities for children, however, all of this has nothing to do with “sociality” and is out of tune with the world we live in.
Is the perfect living environment created by parents? Is it a good thing for their children?
Today, with the rapid development of industrialization, there are indeed many hidden dangers. Parents have become “frightened birds”. They have become more cautious about everything about their children.

Care in Everywhere

From the moment the child born, parents build the safest crib for the child. When the child can crawl, the parents wrap the corners of the house with foam. They even do not put any hard objects on the child’s reach within the range. In order to prevent chemical fertilizers, harmful substances from entering the child’s body, parents check everything layer by layer. The milk, vegetables, meat and fruits are all organic. Even the water cannot use plain water. It is to use special bottled soft water.


We do not let children play or eat casually. We must wash our hands at any time, do not allow children to roll on the ground, and even carry a small bottle of disinfectant with us. We even clean every corner with wireless electric nano mister. We think it is the strongest care for children (as described in the advertisement). Let children grow up healthily in a relatively clean environment.
But it turns out that for a child to be immune, he has to touch some dirty things.
We often see that children who are scrambling and scrambling on the playground seem to be in better health than those who are clean.
This kind of excessive care will not have any protective effect on the child. But instead will cultivate the child into a “porcelain doll” that cannot withstand a little external damage.
It has to be said that this is a kind of harm to the growth of the child.