How to Break Through the Air Purification Industry(3)

Rich Functions & Sscenarios

In order to cope with the pressure of weak market demand and fierce competition, air purification companies have continued to dig deep into usage scenarios and functions in the past two years, and many small purification products for personal use have appeared, such as neck purifiers for personal outings, and exclusive ashtrays for smokers. Purifiers, desktop purifiers for the office family, in addition, for special scenarios, such as cars, toilets, shoe cabinets, refrigerators and other closed small spaces, customized products with functions such as deodorization and sterilization are also being developed.

Necklace Mini Portable Air Freshener
Necklace Mini Portable Air Freshener

“We can only strengthen our product advantages and better serve consumers through technological upgrades. Gree has also made technological improvements in the vertical field of purifiers over the years. We have technologies for indoor formaldehyde removal and splitting, which are used in It was also identified as an ‘international leader’ last year.” The relevant person in charge of Gree Electric said frankly.

Xu Yiqiang suggested that air purification companies should aim at the upgrade of user needs and indoor air environment purification. Starting from the technical performance and functional aspects of products, on the one hand, air purification should be enriched in the purification of home indoor environment and other functions, including Purify and replace with fresh air; on the other hand, actively embrace indoor comfortable home service providers, and jointly carry out model and program innovation for indoor life scenarios.

The portable air purifier itself is small in size, the amount of clean air is very low, and the air purification effect is limited. In terms of removing microorganisms, viruses, etc., viruses are not necessarily filtered.

Air purifiers, even qualified products, may not necessarily filter viruses. If the air purifier adsorbs bacteria on the filter and does not replace the filter for a long time, it may breed bacteria and mold, causing secondary pollution.During the epidemic prevention and control period, citizens should open more windows for ventilation.