How to Break Through the Air Purification Industry(2)

Market Competition Escalating

In fact, in my country, the detonation of the air purification market is due to the deterioration of the outdoor ambient air. However, in recent years, my country’s air quality has been improving year by year. According to data from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, in 2021, the average number of good days in 339 cities across the country will be 87.5%, up 0.5 percentage points year-on-year; the average PM2.5 concentration will be 30μg/m³, a year-on-year decrease 9.1%. Therefore, if there are no special needs, some household air purifiers are reduced to decorations.

Necklace Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner
Necklace Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner

However, as Xu Yiqiang, a home appliance observer, said, the value of air purification products is not only to solve the outdoor environmental purification, but also to improve the indoor air quality, especially the indoor air quality purification after closing the doors and windows at night is a big problem. “In the past two years, the sales of fresh air conditioners and air conditioners with fresh air and purification functions have become popular, all thanks to the upgrade of the consumption concept, that is, the purification of indoor air.”

The relevant person in charge of Gree Electric also told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that the purchase of air purifiers is mainly for the air quality needs of indoor scenes. Harmful substances such as formaldehyde or viruses will exist for a long time. If the requirements for indoor air quality are relatively high At home, purification products are still indispensable.

But why does demand persist for a long time and the market still declines? “One is because of the upgrading and diversification of consumption concepts, air purification is no longer just staring at air purifiers, but also other products; the second is because of the upgrade of market competition, including air conditioners with purification and fresh air functions and professional fresh air fans. , cannibalize the market of Kongjing; third, the function and technology of Kongjing have not been iterated and innovated for a long time, and have encountered many young consumers abandoned.” Xu Yiqiang said.