What’s the Reminder of Using UV Lamp?

Hot sale wall mounted disinfector  covers ultraviolet lamps. It is also known as ultraviolet disinfection lamps. It uses the ultraviolet rays emitted by mercury lamps to achieve the function of sterilization and disinfection. Because electromagnetic waves have the strongest bactericidal effect at wavelengths of 205-280 nanometers. While 254 nanometers have the greatest microbial bactericidal sensitivity.


Hot sale wall mounted disinfector
Wall mounted disinfector

Therefore, the ultraviolet disinfection lamp uses a low-pressure mercury lamp to concentrate more than 95% of the ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 254nm. It radiates outward to excite the fluorescent powder coated on the wall of the lamp tube to generate visible light. It is available for water, air, clothing, etc. Sterilize and sterilize.

However, hot sale wall mounted disinfector may cause harm to the human body, especially the human eyes and skin. So you have to be careful when using it. The sunscreen you usually use is to block or absorb ultraviolet rays by adding sunscreens that can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent them from harming the skin. In addition to being cool, wearing sunglasses can also absorb some of the irritation of ultraviolet rays to human eyes.

In addition, when many ultraviolet lamps radiate outward, it is inevitable to radiate ultraviolet rays including 185nm, which will generate ozone. Ozone has a direct stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, and as long as the concentration reaches 1 mg/m³ or more, it will cause irritation. So when using UV lamps for disinfection, either outdoors or indoors with good ventilation.

Indoors, the lamp can be enclosed in a small space like wholesale UV-C light air disinfector. The small-volume light source is convenient to operate and can also ensure the illumination intensity. In this way, using a dryer with a UV lamp to dry and disinfect clothes is much safer and more convenient than using the UV lamp alone.