PM2.5 Introduction

HEPA Car air purifier is able to remove PM2.5. We inhale PM2.5 into the lungs. It is harmful to health.


Wholesale air car purifier
Wholesale air car purifier
Definition of PM2.5

PM2.5 is very small. Some people believe that PM2.5 enters deep into the lungs with breathing.  It causes diseases such as bronchial asthma and lung cancer. Fine particulate matter refers to the particulate matter in ambient air with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns. It can be suspended in the air for a long time. The higher its concentration in the air, the more serious the air pollution is. Although PM2.5 is only a very small component in the composition of the earth’s atmosphere, it has important effects on air quality and visibility.

The Harm of PM2.5 

Compared with the coarser atmospheric particles, PM2.5 has a small particle size, a large area, strong activity. It is prone to carry toxic and harmful substances like heavy metals, microorganisms, etc. It also has a long residence time in the atmosphere and a long transportation distance. Therefore, it impacts on human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment. Among them, when the PM2.5 content in the air is higher, the air pollution is more serious. It is the most important reason why people are very concerned about the PM2.5 value nowadays.

In most parts of China, the PM2.5 value remains high. In this case, the indoor air quality has also “dropped” all the way, which has a non-negligible impact on the health of the family. How can this situation change? Is it useful for PM2.5 air purifiers?

The outdoor air quality is poor and cannot be reversed by personal strength, but the indoor air quality will be greatly improved by using an air purifier. HEPA Car air purifier is an effective solution for removing PM2.5. Experts in the industry think that PM2.5 air purifiers exists. As long as the air purifier can efficiently filter fine particles, it is a PM2.5 air purifier.


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