Handheld Air Purifier Cars

 purifier HEPA Filter

  • Type No: B2
  • Size: 73*73*172mm
  • Controlling mode: Gesture sensing
  • Covering area: 3m²
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Maximum power: 3.5W
  • Packing size: 210*135*80mm
  • Filter: H13 HEPA+activated carbon sponge
  • Charging USB: Type-C


Anlian Co.,Ltd  is Designer / Manufacturer / Factory / Wholesaler of  Handheld Air Purifier Cars. As a OEM car air purifier market supplier, we support our distrbutors to add custom style into the design, such as the color, Logo, even protable parts and package boxes, to build their own brand and promote their business.

B2 as a Handheld Air Purifier Cars, it’s just  73*73*172mm. It purifies air in 15 seconds. It’s also installed with composite filter and infrared response to manage fresh air.

Mutiple Application: keeping away dust, smoke and other harmful substances.

Dropshipping and sample business are both welcome via Whatsapp: +86 13480754989.


Low Noise Car Air Purifier
Low Noise Car Air Purifier
Structure of Car Air Purifier Portable

Infrared induction

1st time is for automatic transmission, 2nd time for 1rst gear, 3rd time for 2nd gear, staying for 2 seconds for shutdown.


Sensor quickly captures air pollutants and conducts intelligent analysis.

Composite filter

H13 composite filter material of high efficiency and low resistance + activated carbon sponge


mini portable car air purifier
mini portable car air purifier
Air Quality Indicator

The air indicator shows the current air quality visually.

When the air pollution is high, the indicator is red. In automatic mode, portable mini air purifier car will turn on the maximum power of air purification .

Blue means excellent, green for good, red for bad.


Air USB Car HEPA Filter
Air USB Car HEPA Filter

There are invisible pollutants in cars, like dust, pet dander, particles.

Car HEPA filter diffuser is th “enemy” of these pollutants.


Air Cleaner Portable
Air Cleaner Portable

Car refresher portable adopts a unique electrostatic electret filter, with 100% fibers electrostatically.

With efficient filtration, filter air purifier for car quickly captures tiny particles in the air. It still filters particles as small as 0.003 microns.

PM0.003 is a gaseous particle, 800 times smaller than PM2.5, similar to bacteria and viruses.


Air Purifier for Car
Air Purifier for Car
Infrared Response

There is a precise anti-high-light infrared response in diffuser air purifier car. It is switched on/off and the gear is also switched by hand sensing.


Vehicle Air Cleaner
Vehicle Air Cleaner
Sound & Design

Its maximum sound is just 30db, similar to the sound of conversation. Therefore, air purifier car operates with low noise.

Its design is simple and also sleek. Mini car air cleaner purifies air twice or thrice in a hour efficiently.


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