Cleaning the Bedroom

It is best to do a few points when cleaning the bedroom. Gun fogger portable sprayer plays mul-functional roles like water can, humidifier and cleaner, etc.

Keep indoors dry

Yin Jia told reporters that dust mites like to live in an environment with a temperature of 20-30°C and a humidity of 60-80%. If we try to keep the indoor air dry, the number of dust mites in the bedroom will be greatly reduced. Zhang Longming reminded that the humidity in the bedroom should be kept at 40% to 60% as much as possible. You can open windows frequently for ventilation or use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to dehumidify to reduce the humidity in the bedroom.


gun fogger portable sprayer
gun fogger portable sprayer

Iron sheets and duvet covers every two weeks. “Regularly scalding our sheets, quilts, and pillow covers with hot water is a good way to eliminate mites.” Yin Jia suggested that it is best to wash bedding with 50°C hot water every two weeks or so.

Wash the pillow core every two to three months

Yin Jia said that it should be reminded that in order to eliminate dust mites to the greatest extent, the pillow core must be cleaned every 2 to 3 months. If it is a buckwheat husk pillow, you can scald the buckwheat husk with hot water, and then rinse it several times with water.

Mop the floor before bed

Yin Jia suggests that try not to lay carpets in the bedroom, and it is best to choose wood floors or floor tiles that are easy to clean. Zhang Longming suggested that if the bedroom is carpeted, it is best to ensure that it is vacuumed 2 to 3 times a week. It is best to wipe the bedroom with floor or floor tiles before going to bed every night, which can not only remove dust, but also increase the air humidity appropriately.


Dry the mattress every two weeks

Song Guangsheng suggested that the mattress should be cleaned at least once every two weeks. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or stand up to dry for a day. You can also choose to buy a mattress cover and mattress cover that blocks dust mites. This cover can be removed for cleaning. Yin Jia said that people who are seriously allergic to dust mites can replace the mattress with a new one. It is best not to remove the plastic packaging on it, which can block dust mites.

Clean the air conditioner fins

Air-conditioning bacteria are mainly hidden on the heat sink, and professionals should be invited to clean and disinfect the heat sink regularly with gun sprayer handheld portable USB rechargeable. Home air conditioners should be thoroughly cleaned every summer and winter.

Go in and change your clothes. Zhang Longming pointed out that changing clothes and shoes before entering the house can largely avoid bringing outdoor pollution sources into the house, which is a good habit to reduce indoor air pollution.