Is Gun Fogger Portable Sprayer Effective?

Living room

Don’t take it lightly in the face of the epidemic, especially in the spring when the flu is raging. As an effective measure to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in the family, it is imperative to use gun fogger portable sprayer for disinfection at home on a regular basis!

The living room is one of the areas that are usually used frequently and for the longest time. The cleaning of this area must be done more carefully and frequently. The focus of cleaning in the reception area is the sofa: when cleaning, avoid using alcohol and disinfectant for disinfection. Its components have a certain oxidation effect on furniture or accessories such as leather, fabric, and lacquer, especially metal furniture. Alkali can easily cause corrosion and oxidation of metals, so special cleaning agents should be used for cleaning.

Disinfection Gun Sprayer Handheld
Disinfection Gun Sprayer Handheld

For daily cleaning of living room carpets, use a portable usb rechargeable sprayer. When conditions permit, a special steam sauna carpet cleaning machine can also be used to separate the dirt and disinfect the carpet by using high temperature and high pressure.


When the epidemic hit, many friends must be living at home, and the time spent in bed has also become longer. In the current extraordinary period, bedroom bedding such as pillows, sheets, quilt covers, etc. are in close contact with our bodies more frequently than other objects, and it is necessary to maintain bedding hygiene. It  washes once a week. It sill exposes against the sun or dried at high temperature to sterilize. Towels, clothes, quilts soak in chlorine-containing disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration 250 mg/L ~ 500 mg/L) for 30 minutes. Then they rinse with clean water. (Note: chlorine-containing disinfectants have a bleaching effect on fabrics), or use other laundry disinfectants according to the instructions.

Large items such as pillow cores, quilt cores or baby comfort dolls are inconvenient to wash frequently, you can put them in the sun for sterilization, spray some anti-mite spray and you can use it with peace of mind!


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