Gun Fogger Portable Sprayer

Sanitizer Disinfection Fogger

  • Type No: K6
  • Size: 235*170*60mm
  • Weight: 328g
  • Working voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Power: 10W
  • Volume of bottle: 300ml
  • Length of spray: 2.5m
  • Capacity of battery: 2000mAh
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V/1A
  • Email: [email protected]


Anlian Co.,Ltd  is Designer / Manufacturer / Factory / Wholesaler of Gun Fogger Portable Sprayer. As an OEM manufacturer, we support our distrbutors to add custom style into the design, such as the Color, Logo, even protable parts and package boxes, to build their own brand and promote their business.

K6 as a Gun Fogger Portable Sprayer,  its size is only 235*170*60mm and net weight of around 300 grame, ABS material, freely for one hand. 2000mAh battary provide long-time work.

Mutiple Application: removing mites, dust, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Dropshipping and sample business are both welcome via Whatsapp: +86 13480754989.



Sprayer Disinfection Machine
Sprayer Disinfection Machine
Craftsmanship & Appearance

Gun fogger portable sprayer  is made of ABS. It pursues exquisite craftsmanship and sleek appearance.

The bottle is detachable to carry 300ml different disinfectants and liquid.


Steam Sprayer Fogging
Steam Sprayer Fogging
Battery & Weight

There is 2000mAh battery inside the wireless blue light nano sprayer. It is helpful for long-time work.

Once charging keeps about 1-month work. It lasts about 1hour for the portable sprayer wireless to work in high gear.

The net weight of the electric sprayer is only 328g. It is light for one hand to hold.


Portable Mini Sprayer
Portable Mini Sprayer
Multiple Functions

Gun fogger portable sprayer not only disinfects bacteria and micorganisms, but also remove mites and insects.

Guns sprayer disinfection is still good for indoor humidification and sedimentation of dust.


Handheld Sprayer Portable
Handheld Sprayer Portable
A Good Cleaner

The handheld sprayer portable is competent to be a good cleaner in every corner, especially in restrooms.

There are more bacteria and micorganisms in restrooms. The sprayer can eliminates them quickly.


Blue Light Nano Sprayer
Blue Light Nano Sprayer
Advantage of the Atomization Disinfection Sprayer

There are an anti-clogging nozzle and 4-hole blue lights.

It even releases nano mist from the nozzle up to 2.5 meters.

There are 2-gear buttons for operation, namely low gear and high gear.

Blue light disinfection fogger  is wireless. Hence, it can be taken to work anywhere.

Bottom filter can stop impurities from blocking nozzles.


Mini Humidifier Cute
Mini Humidifier Cute

The spray gun fogger portable mini adopts air pump of 5000 rpm high pressure and siphon atomizing nozzle.

So it is able to spray nano mist without wetting items. It’s also suitable for cleanning hospitals.

It also uses technology  of dual-core processor and independent boost charging.

In this way, it shapes more stable and stronger performance.

Its blue light is not ultraviolet.


Wireless Blue Light Mister
Wireless Blue Light Mister
How to Work with Fogging Disinfecting Sprayer

When the mist drop on the door handle, lift button, seat handle or desks, it’s better to wipe it.

Then dust and bacteria disappear quickly.


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