Improving Smoking Environment

Germicidal UV light disinfection is upper air wall mountable device. It inactivates 99.99% dust, smoke, etc. According to observations, many friends have shown a love of life, a positive and optimistic attitude. Friends who love fitness create conditions to exercise indoors, and friends who like to chase dramas are happily chasing dramas every day. However, smokers who like to smoke are more anxious. Some friends even ask before entering the isolation point. Can smoking be allowed in the room of the centralized isolation point?

Smoking in quarantine? Fines are on their way. I am alone in my room and can’t smoke? Smoking indoors is more harmful than you think. Indoor smoking is also very harmful to health. In addition to the well-known health hazards of active smoking, we should pay more attention to the harm of second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke.

germicidal UV light disinfection
germicidal UV light disinfection
  Active smoking

Tobacco smoke contains 69 carcinogens, and people who smoke regularly have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and various cancers.

Secondhand smoke

If you smoke indoors with poor ventilation, the harmful substances from the cigarettes will spread quickly into the indoor air. Then the indoor PM2.5 concentration will rise rapidly, which can persist for a long time even after stopping smoking. Secondhand smoke not only pollutes indoor air, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases. Germicidal UV light disinfection removes secondhand smoke.

Thirdhand smoke

Harmful components in tobacco smoke is adhesive on textiles such as clothes, carpets, curtains, bed sheets and quilt covers, and become “third-hand smoke”. Thirdhand smoke can also cause health hazards. For example, nicotine in third-hand smoke has strong surface adhesion, can exist for a long time, and react with nitrous acid in the air to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. These harmful substances can then slowly spread into the air, becoming a source of indoor air pollutants.

In addition, if children indoors crawl and play on floors, carpets, sofas, etc, they also face third-hand smoke at close range. It makes them more vulnerable to third-hand smoke. At the same time, studies have shown that opening windows or fans while smoking indoors cannot completely remove “thirdhand smoke”.


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