Indoor Disinfection

Fogger sprayer for disinfection is a must-have portable antibacterial product. Summer and high temperatures are gradually approaching, so bacteria are in a period of growth. The human body is a breeding ground suitable for bacterial growth. Once it gets on it, bacteria will multiply rapidly. In addition to daily maintenance of hygiene, indoor sterilization is also required. Let’s take a look at how it sterilizes indoors.

What to use for indoor sterilization and disinfection

When it comes to sterilization and disinfection, the usual disinfection method that most people may first think of is alcohol disinfection. However, alcohol has a very low ignition point and is not suitable for large-area spray disinfection. Some clothes are prone to static electricity. If alcohol is sprayed directly on clothes, it is easy to cause danger. Disinfectant fogger sprays non-alcoholic sterilizing agent. It is not only safe, but also removes germs from various fabrics, households, and environments. It even has long-term bacteriostasis for 48 hours.

Best nano mist sprayer
Best nano mist sprayer
Household hygiene

Every day when I go home, I have to wash my hands and clothes to minimize the germs brought back outdoors. It is troublesome for the daily sterilization of home environment and large-scale home textiles. We have to pay more attention to the kitchen and bathroom where germs are easy to accumulate. Disinfectant fogger can effectively sterilize large pieces of home textiles, fabrics, and home environment. It enjoys a wide range of applications.

Bathroom hygiene

We have to notice dead corners of hygiene. Here, I would like to mention the hygiene of the bathroom that I am very concerned about. I have read a study in the Yale University laboratory in the United States that accumulates 5,295 bacteria per square inch (6.4 square centimeters)! 32% of toilets have Shigella. And the bacteria can stay on the toilet for up to 17 days! It is still true of ordinary toilets, not to mention public toilets with less cleaning. A research report showed that when 100 million polioviruses were put into the toilet, there were as many as 3,000 viruses on the seat. It is enough to show that the toilet seat is a breeding ground for bacteria. In this case, antibacterial spray is really necessary!

Let me show you how to use fogger sprayer for disinfection easily. We just put disinfectant into it and spray it on the toilet seat. Then we wipe it dry with toilet paper to eliminate most of the common bacteria in the toilet.


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